DutchEconomics is the story of two seasoned entrepreneurs with successful careers in business consulting, auditing and tax consulting who decided to join forces with a team of young and talented expats with a degree in business and strong entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a story in which skills, knowledge, creativity and commitment lead to true DutchEconomics power.

Exclusive partnerships: our DutchEconomics team members all work on an exclusive basis

What we do

DutchEconomics helps you build your business in the Netherlands. Our professionals provide you with all the knowledge, enthusiasm and working power relating to any particular area you require during the development phase: sales and marketing, management, human resource services, finance and accounting. You ask: we connect!

Our Philosophy

As we see it, your success is our goal. And in our work, we always keep in mind that your performance is a direct reflection of the costs and efforts of all parties combined. So we put in efforts that go beyond expertise and skills. We put in our enthusiasm, commitment, transparency and critical stance. This is how we create true partnerships with our clients and help them reach their full potential.

Ready to assist you

Our team

Bernard Brouwer
Tax and Business Consultant
Ton huisman
Ton Huisman
Financial and Business Consultant
Michiel van Keijsteren
Business Management and Operations
otto hijnen
Otto Hijnen
Financial Advisor
Anne Huisman
Anne Huisman
Business Consultant
Bas de Laat
Bas de Laat
Strategic Advisor

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